Want to end addictive shopping for good?

Master My Millions

I'll help you stop a shopping addiction once and for all, even if...

  • You feel HOPELESS, having tried no-buy's, therapy and more, but NOTHING WORKED...
  • You feel EMBARRASED, thinking you've made TOO MANY MISTAKES to recover from...
  • You feel DEFEATED, believing you're nowhere near disciplined enough to stop it.

Hello lifetime millionaire! I'm Ayikaile Davy, Financial Power Coach and creator of THE SHOPAHOLIC CURE.

Ladies, handling a shopping addiction is a game. You are either lost on how to play and continue to lose, OR, with my help, you NAIL AN EPIC COMEBACK AND WIN!!!

What does WINNING or losing look like?


  • Conquer nonstop urges to shop
  • Wipeout debt, stash savings
  • Secure and protect personal AND financial wellness
  • Completely trust yourself with money
  • Restore trust between you and your loved ones
  • Wake up feeling fulfilled and live a joyful lifestyle
  • Sleep well with no more money stress


  • Cave in to constant urges to shop
  • Drown deeper in debt, lose all savings
  • Destroy emotional, mental, physical and financial well-being
  • Lie, sneak and hide about what you buy
  • Gain weight from stress eating or drinking to cope with money stress
  • Argue with loved ones over money
  • Stay up anxious at night feeling stuck
  • Get taken advantage of for not paying attention to your finances
  • Make retailers and banks rich while you drain your financial resources
  • Hoard and clutter space at home
  • Continue the 'buy then return' hassle
  • Feel down, depressed and hopeless about things ever changing

We love our clients... AND they love us!

"I feel honored, blessed, and empowered in my newly revived and more enlightened me! And for that, I say, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Ella (Decatur, GA)

"Ayikaile and I have successfully worked together, in several capacities, for more than 10 years. During this time, I have seen her grow as an accomplished author and effective business person.

Ayikaile approaches all she does with competence, efficiency and thoroughness. She brings excellence and integrity to every interaction she has with her clients and customers. She can effectively assist you in reaching agreed upon goals."

- Rashid (East Point, GA)

"The moral support and expertise that you've provided, along with a resolution that was mutually beneficial to all parties, has made what could have been a very unpleasant experience a postive experience. Your knowledge, professionalism and interpersonal care, surpassed my expectations!"

- Valerie (Atlanta, GA)


Master My Millions

Watch my complimentary SHOPAHOLIC CURE MASTERCLASS to discover 5 simple steps to break free from a shopping addiction for good.


Are we a fit to team up and win?

Which team below is a match with you?


Right now...

  • I've tried to end my addictive shopping but nothing has worked. BUT, I haven't given up! I'M COMMITTED to break free from my shopping addiction for good.
  • I got a scary wake-up call that my shopping addiction must stop. Now more than ever, IT'S MY PRIORITY to seriously protect my personal and financial wellness.
  • I'm exhausted doing everything for everyone else. I'M 100% COACHABLE and accept professional help to get me free from the madness and into the life I was born to enjoy.


Right now...

  • I have a lot going on. Ending my shopping addiction MUST WAIT. Right now I need to help ______(insert person, cause etc., other than yourself)
  • My shopping addiction is NOT THAT BAD, could be worse and at least I'm doing better than other people I know. I'll just pray and hope to keep on getting by.
  • I believe my addictive shopping is not my fault. I'm upset at those who got me in this mess and I'll FOCUS ON GETTING AFTER THEM to pay for what they did.


We get the MOST AMAZING RESULTS for those who are team, "YES, FOR SURE!", and no to team, "NO, NOT NOW.", so that's who we select to work with. If you are team, "YES, FOR SURE!", and you want help to end your shopping addiction, click here to watch my shopaholic cure masterclass.

Are you team, "NO, NOT NOW."? No worries! Although it's not a fit to work together right now, we invite you to stay tuned into the resources we offer to help on your journey... BOOK, GROUP, VIDEO.

Master My Millions

Hello! I'm Financial Power Coach Ayikaile Davy.

I'm founder of Master My Millions - the world-class wealth and legacy firm in Atlanta, GA, US, and creator of The Shopaholic Cure. I've helped hundreds of individuals and businesses fix serious spending problems once and for all.

My sweet spot is helping women prosper with the $2,400,000 to $10,000,000 or more, we receive in a lifetime, to nurture our well-being, a joyful lifestyle and a proud legacy.

If you struggle with a shopping addiction and want help, watch my complimentary shopaholic cure masterclass for the way to break free.